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Why do we Sleep?

We all know that sleeping is important, but the reasons why it is important has been a topic of research for many many years. In fact, it’s also a topic I’m researching into right now, specifically looking at the relationship between Sleep and Happiness.

Here’s a neat poster that compares a well-rested brain to a sleepy brain. The chart covers what happens to your brain cells, consequences on work and driving, and your relationship with others. All important aspects of our lives I would say!

This is a spoiler for next week as I’ll share with you a study about Hong Kong students and their sleep patterns! I’m excited (or not, because I bet it says HK people never sleep…) to read the paper. Stay tuned for this!


Infographic thanks to: https://www.bollandbranch.com/sleep-and-happiness

Please sleep more!

With Love,

a Grande coffee please

If you’re like most people, you would order a medium-size coffee in the morning or purchase the medium size t-shirt if you’re unsure of your own size and there’s no fitting room nearby.

That’s because of The Compromise Effect.


Widely used by marketers around the world, The Compromise Effect says that people are most likely to choose the middle option when given a few choices.

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