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Hello readers – Happy Sunday! I’ll start off with a quick (yet important) question for you: Are you into brunch?
I sure hope you are because my feelings for brunch borderlines obsession. A Saturday or Sunday without brunch is like cake without frosting or hot chocolate without marshmallows.
As I was lying in bed thinking about where I should go for brunch today, Chicago decides to surprise me with a full day of “snow and rain mixture” – really, Chi-town? Can’t you wait till the weekdays for this type of stuff?
Luckily, there are plenty of brunch places within a 5 minute walking distance from my apartment, so I put on my mittens, earmuffs, puffy jacket, and boots, then ventured out to a cute little café called Esencia Urban Kitchen.



This is my first blog post of 2015, so Happy New Year everyone!
Last post I talked about how to strategically write your New Year Resolutions by following some
Psychology tips. Hope you found it somewhat helpful. One of the tips I mentioned was Sharing it with Others. Now you don’t have to share it with everyone in the world, but I want to share it with you all, my readers. The top half is from one of my co-workers, and the bottom part (following “Steph”) are mine.
I’m also going to start a new challenge where I’ll pose a question every post and you can write your answers in the comment section. So here’s the question for today – What are your New Year Resolutions?

Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships

It’s now 1:30pm. After Skyping with my friend in HK and chatting on the phone with my friend in NYC, I have to buckle down and write my post for today. Which is only fitting because I’m going to write about keeping good long-distance friendships.


Countdown to Christmas

Good morning everyone (and Good evening to my readers in Asia and afternoon in Europe)! Happy Tuesday.


This past weekend was quite the eventful weekend – I’m trying to soak in all the festivities before friends start leaving the city for the holidays.


2 main things that happened –

1. T-Box (Twelve Bars of Xmas) bar crawl on Saturday. An annual bar crawl from 8am-8pm around Wrigleyville. Everyone was dressed in festive wear and I wore a mandatory christmas sweater, unfortunately not an ugly one.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo Lights – breathtaking display of lights around the zoo. I dare say it was the prettiest lights I’ve ever seen in my life. Comparing this to Xmas lights in HK and London, it says a lot. Here are some pictures (that doesn’t really do it justice)…

Entrance of the Lincoln Park Zoo

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Apple Tart/Pie

Hey guys,


It’s Sunday again! I’m amazed at how fast time flies by every week. There’s only 24 more days in this calendar year, which is kind of unreal.

For my readers who are not in Chicago, this city is just overflowing with festivities. There is a Christmas Market in the Loop (where I work), there’s an ice-skating rink in Millennium Park, lights on trees along the Magnificent Mile.

I’ve been telling people that Chicago is one of the most under-rated cities in the world. Despite the fact that it never fails to remind me it is super duper WINDY as soon as I step out of my apartment, I love all aspects of this city and proud of call Chi-town my home. (Chi-town does not stand for Chinatown! :P)

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

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Apple Muffin: from picking to baking

Happy Sunday!

Wherever you were for the past few days, hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration with your family and friends.

I’ve been getting some feedback on my blog over the past few days – so thank you for those who did, and please keep them coming!


So – this post is a little overdue.

Firstly, I went on a mini-road trip to an apple orchard more than a month ago. We picked a HUGE bag of apples…which only meant apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, those apples stayed in my fridge for another two weeks after that (because I can’t actually eat apples 3 times a day) and really needed to be used asap.


photo 1
Tractor out to the orchard 🙂

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Beef Stew with Beer

Hey guys!


Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been getting addicted to the idea of “Lazy Sundays” and have been slacking on “Blogging Sundays” – my apologies.


This past weekend has been quite productive though. I’ve cooked Beef Stew for the first time, and made Apple Muffin – both of which I’ll share with you today.


Old-Time Beef Stew


Paula Deen's Beef Stew
Paula Deen’s Beef Stew


I came across the idea of making beef stew because I’ve never made anything that required cooking time of over 30 minutes – my usuals are stir-fry, salmon, pasta, salads, quick soups, etc.


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Guest Post: Chicago Architecture Tour

By Collin Fu


So, I heard a lot of good things about Chicago from my friends and they are absolutely true from my experience. I went to Chicago during fall break to visit Stephanie. It was still fall, weather was awesome and people are really nice. Of all the beautiful things in Chicago, one thing that particularly impressed me was the architecture.

I was taking a boat tour along the river in the city center and I was fascinated by the magnificent skyscrapers. These buildings, despite of different shapes and style, fit in with each other perfectly and artistically along the river with too much the dense.



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Guest Post: Review of Eataly

By Jenny Xia


I happened to visit Steph on a rainy weekend. Outside, the streets were drenched with rain. Inside, Eataly buzzed with the voices of customers and the clanging of pots and pans from its many small kitchens.

Pasta and Pizza Station
Pasta and Pizza Station

For those who haven’t been, Eataly is a food emporium that carries specialty Italian foods and hosts a wide array of vendors. At Eataly, you can find vendors selling hot foods ranging from pizza to more upscale Italian entrées.

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