Hello! Today, I did my second 5K in Chicago and one that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – the COLOR run. It’s a super fun run/walk/dance, where people throw colors at you at different stations.
Before the race, we all had white shirts on and look really clean!
Ready for the race!
We ran for half a mile before the first station, PINK. We were showered with pink powder by volunteers on both sides. Then, about 10% into the run, it started raining. uh oh. We hit the second station, the blue one, not long afterwards. There were blue water puddles everywhere and runners were enjoying their colorful time in the rain. Our t-shirts were then decorated with pink and blue splashes. As we passed through the yellow and orange stations, the colors were all mixed with the pouring rain and became a mixture of rainbow colors.
To finish it off, we ran through a shower of silver glitter and were presented with a medal.
color run headband + HAPPY water tattoo + medal
I have to say the rain made the experience much more memorable, though a little more chaotic. Compared to my hot chocolate run, it was much warmer out and many people were walking the race instead of feeling pressured to run. They were both great experiences and looking forward to more to come!
Next race: some sort night glow run!
super blurry picture from the rain


With love,



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