Happy long weekend!! Hope you’re enjoying Memorial Day holiday if you’re in the US. I’m in NYC for the weekend and have been hanging out with everyone in the city, including several high school friends from HK who are/will be here!!
It’s been a long week of traveling from CHI-PHL-NYC. Past weekend was alumni/graduation weekend and I made a trip back to Philly for the first time after graduation. Among other things, here are some of the things I did –
(1) Mad Mex
If you knew me senior year of college, here is where I went for my fix of frozen margs. Their deal for “Big Ass Margaritas” is unbeatable. However, aside from guac/salsa and chips, we haven’t really tried their food yet, so we decided to check it out and it was delicious!
Frozen Margaritas
Top: Breakfast Burrito Middle: Steak and Shrimp Fajita Right: Chips and Guac/Salsa
back at Mad Mex with my love! #tbt
(2) Italian Market Festival
Last weekend was also the annual Italian festival on South 9th Street. There were loads of food vendors and arts and crafts pop-up stores to walk around. After brunch at Amada, I was too full to eat anything except for a bite of the cannoli, which was great, and tasting olive oil/vinegar at Emma/JV’s friend’s store!
Cannoli at Italian Festival
Dyeing scarf!
(3) Serpico
For my last night in Philly, I went to Serpico on South Street for dinner. It was my first time visiting the restaurant and had a great experience sitting next to the kitchen. I have a soft spot for Chef’s tables like these, admiring their cooking skills throughout the entire meal, along with good conversation with my friend.
Scallop appetizer
sitting next to the kitchen
I did so much more than these 3 things in Philly, but I can’t fit all of them in a post. It was so great catching up with my friends and I’m already looking forward to my next visit back! Next post will probably be about my NYC adventures.
With love,

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