the weeks seem to be going by faster every month. can you believe it’s already the end of April? where did the time go? in other news, i’m starting to think that my desire to bake is linked to the season. from november to february, i had no interest in experimenting with flour/sugar/butter/vanilla extract/brown sugar. but now that it’s getting warmer, i’m really excited to fire up the oven again!
for those who know me well, you might know that i’m (slightly) obsessed with pumpkin products. the pumpkin spice lattes, yum. why can’t we have that all year round? i also tend to bake a lot of things with pumpkin purée during the fall (and all year round). but at the request of my friends, i’ve decided to branch out and search for a new ingredient to bake with.
that’s when i came across this blogger: my name is yeh. her food features a combination of the east and the west. as an example, her latest post is drunken zucchini noodles. the post that really caught my eye was Matcha Oreos.
matcha 7

so last weekend, i decided that matcha will be my new ingredient for the spring! during my day of solitude, aka my me-day, i went to DAVIDsTEA near the armitage train stop to scope out their matcha choices (after pre-testing their black tea with free ice-cream from Warby Parker across the street).
the regular matcha baking powder is the “matcha matsu”, but they also have interesting ones like “mint matcha” or “mocha matcha”, and a creamier version of the regular one called “grand cru matcha”. after creepily smelling each type, i decided to go with grand cru matcha because it has a richer, creamier, and sweeter flavor. i want my baked goods to be top-notch!
Other than the matcha powder, the rest of the ingredients are pretty standard. the oreo is basically 2 pieces of chocolate cookie with a green tea ganache in the middle. the ganache was so good, i could sit there all day just eating it from the bowl with the spatula 😉 [which actually happened, in case you were wondering].
matcha 6
click here for the recipe from my name is yeh. i followed the recipe closely for the most part except when the recipe said to use a cookie cutter. perhaps due to my lack of knowledge in how to use my cookie cutter, i found it much easier to just roll 1-inch doughs into a ball and then press it flat into a circle.
be on the look out for more matcha baked goods in the next few months! as always, i’m open to suggestions.

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