Hello everyone. Looks like the last three posts in the Wind portion of my blog are all Guest Posts. Some of you might wonder, does Steph ever write her own post? I wonder, where do I find these friends who are so lovely to keep my blog going (and my new year resolution of posting every Sunday). Huge thank you again! Anyhow, I think it’s about time I contribute and share with you something from my windy city.
Chicago offers many world-famous museums, including Linda’s guest post on the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, and Museum of Science and Technology. In fact, there are so many museums concentrated in one location that there’s an area called the Museum Campus. The city also does a great job at exposing locals to these educational attractions. For example, the Art Institute of Chicago is free to Illinois residents every Thursday from 5-8pm. Another example is Adler After Dark event at the Adler Planetarium.
View of sunset from the bars
The Adler Planetarium offers a special event on the 3rd Thursday of each month at night from 6-10pm. Although this event is open to everyone, I dare to speculate that most visitors are Chicago locals because it is not very publicized. Also, it is exclusively open to adults 21+, as they have multiple bars around the museum so you can walk around with your glass of wine. Reminds me of Eataly, where you shop with a glass of wine, but here you can do it while stargazing! It’s difficult to decide which one is better.
The themes for Adler After Dark changes each month. For this month, it was Rocket Man; For May, it’s Planetarium Prom. Who wants to go to prom with me next month? #pb.
Tickets go on sale the first day of each month and we managed to get tickets to the event this past Thursday. Even after going to the event, we’re not quite sure what part of it is specific to the “Rocket Man” theme and what part of it is just the regular museum itself. Regardless, there were a lot of interesting things to see and kept us going until 10pm.
102 year old mechanical planetarium
102 year old mechanical planetarium

The highlight of my night was definitely Telescope Viewing outside on the terrace. It was a clear, cloudless sky this past Thursday, which was an ideal night for stargazing. The telescopes were pointing to the two brightest stars, and one of them was pointing to Jupiter. It was so close up to earth that we actually saw the rings of Jupiter!! Crazy, right?
The planetarium has a great view of the skyline of Chicago! Now that it is getting warmer and it’s nice to walk outside again, I can’t wait to do more of these fun events around the city. Let the Spring/Summer checklist begin!
As always, thank you Shraddha for coming with me xx
Chicago skyline from the Planetarium viewing deck
Had a great night with Shraddha! x
With Love,

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