Hello my lovers, Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂
I’m spending my V-day in Tokyo with family and friends. Apparently in Japan, 2/14 is the day for girls to confess their love by giving their boy crushes chocolates. I guess there’s also some “contest” among the boys as to who gets the most chocolates. In the US, you might be watching 50 shades of grey tonight 😉 Whatever the tradition might be in your country, I want to share a Psychology experiment with you on this lovely day.
The Falling in Love formula = 36 questions + staring into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes
A NY Times editor wrote her experience going through these questions and the staring, which sounds horrifying tbh (and then subsequently falling in love). It’s an interesting read, click here.
For those interested in going through the experiment first-hand, click here for the 36 questions. I glimpsed over a few, but I’d suggest waiting and not reading the questions until you actually have to answer them in front of another person. In my opinion, it’s an eye-opening experience to see what immediately comes to mind when you hear the question, and then offering your raw, unpracticed answer to your partner. Ultimately, you want them to like who you really are and not your formulated, interview answer.
There’s probably enough Psych research on the topic of LOVE than you’ll ever want to know. But here are 5 short interesting facts that might change your life!
Lastly, if you’re sick of my Psych ramblings, here’s my friend’s post on baking some gorgeous looking desserts for your loved one today, or any day of the year, because everyday is V-day if you spend it with the one you love!!!




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