Saying hello from 852/HONG KONG/GMT+08:00 time zone, meaning it’s Sunday afternoon and time for another blog post.

Sunday is family day for many Hong Kong families, including mine. We usually grab dim sum (or we call it “yum cha”) for lunch with the extended fam. Now that I’m back, it makes a table of 15.

Here’s some of the food we ate:

dimsum1dimsum4  dimsum2dimsum3  dimsum5dimsum6

Featuring egg tart/ turnip cake/ barbeque-pork bun/ roasted pork belly/ custard bun/ lotus leaf sticky rice. 蛋撻/蘿蔔糕/波羅叉燒包/燒腩仔/流沙包/珍珠雞

We ordered a lot more food than this, but I didn’t pull my camera out quick enough to beat the kids at devouring the plates. They were all delicious!

IMG_0394IMG_0397…and then there’s mandatory post-meal selfies with the sis xx



Nice to be back 852!



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