Apple Tart/Pie

Hey guys,


It’s Sunday again! I’m amazed at how fast time flies by every week. There’s only 24 more days in this calendar year, which is kind of unreal.

For my readers who are not in Chicago, this city is just overflowing with festivities. There is a Christmas Market in the Loop (where I work), there’s an ice-skating rink in Millennium Park, lights on trees along the Magnificent Mile.

I’ve been telling people that Chicago is one of the most under-rated cities in the world. Despite the fact that it never fails to remind me it is super duper WINDY as soon as I step out of my apartment, I love all aspects of this city and proud of call Chi-town my home. (Chi-town does not stand for Chinatown! :P)

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Anyhow, so I’ve decided to write one more blog post about Apples. I bought a whole bag of Apples from Trader Joe’s and of course, bought way too much groceries for the week and have apples i have to use ASAP!! (sound familiar?)

In my previous post, I mentioned I thought about making PIE before I decided on the apple muffins, but I was scared. Pies sound like a tedious endeavor that experienced grandmothers can master. But I had bought a pie pan and decided I had to overcome my worries.

I found this recipe for French Apple Tart and decided a tart pan and a pie pan can be interchangeable. Yeah? well, i’ll give it a try.

Turns out it is super easy to make apple pie!!!

The most work is to peel the apples and cut them. But after that, all you have to do is to layer the pie crust and the put the apples in…

Layering apples on the pie crust
Layering apples on the pie crust


and butter. I added some cinnamon on it because it never hurts to add cinnamon to baked goods right?

add butter and cinnamon
add butter and cinnamon


Then, That’s it!! Wasn’t that easy? Just put it into the oven, and after 60 glorious minutes….


End product
End product


In hindsight, the cinnamon topping made the apple look kind of ugly, so maybe I should have skipped that. Otherwise, I fed my co-workers (a.k.a. my guinea pigs) the apple pie with some whipped cream on the side. They liked it!


French Apple Tart

adapted from

1 ready made pie crust

12 tbsp. unsalted butter, cubed and chilled, divided

1/4 tsp. table salt

4 Apples, peeled, cored, and halved

1/4 cup sugar



1. Put pie crust into your pie pan

2. Lay the apples around the pie so it looks pretty

3. Sprinkle the cubes of butter on top of the apples

4. Put it into the oven at 375ºF for 60-70 minutes.

5. SERVE and ENJOY ❤


Have a great week ahead! More on Psychology next week 🙂





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