Apple Muffin: from picking to baking

Happy Sunday!

Wherever you were for the past few days, hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration with your family and friends.

I’ve been getting some feedback on my blog over the past few days – so thank you for those who did, and please keep them coming!


So – this post is a little overdue.

Firstly, I went on a mini-road trip to an apple orchard more than a month ago. We picked a HUGE bag of apples…which only meant apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, those apples stayed in my fridge for another two weeks after that (because I can’t actually eat apples 3 times a day) and really needed to be used asap.


photo 1
Tractor out to the orchard 🙂


Well, What can I do with them?

– eat them raw? i’ve already had too many apples :

– apple juice? ek, they’re a little too small to be juiced

– apple pie? I really want to, but I wasn’t prepared for it yet…I eventually used my pie pan for the first time to make a quiche for the office party


– apple muffin!



Which brings me to my baking motto: When in Doubt, Make Muffins


photo 2
On my right – pole picker for apples up the tree // On my left – our half-full bag of treasure


photo 3
one of the many apple trees

Ah, missing the gorgeous weather and the little getaway!


Back in my kitchen, I was searching for a recipe that wouldn’t involve me walking to get extra ingredients from the grocery store, and was potentially healthy.


You think Healthy Baking is oxymoronic? Okay, hear me out:


4 ways how this baking expedition was HEALTHY:


No.1 – I used Greek Yogurt!

greek yogurt on butter and sugar


No. 2 – there were tons of apples!! An apple a day keeps the doc away. You can thank me later.



No. 3 – I used whole wheat flour

mixing the rest of the ingredients


No. 4 – It looks visually appealing? That’s good for your mental health I guess.

sprinkled brown sugar before hitting the oven


After 30 magical minutes in the oven…tadaaa!

finished product!


Fresh Apple Muffins for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Okay, maybe not as healthy as just eating the apples (without the butter, sugar, flour, etc.) but it’s delicious and totally worth it!


p.s. what to do under the apple tree? 😉


With love,





Here is the recipe I used:

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