Guest Post: Chicago Architecture Tour

By Collin Fu


So, I heard a lot of good things about Chicago from my friends and they are absolutely true from my experience. I went to Chicago during fall break to visit Stephanie. It was still fall, weather was awesome and people are really nice. Of all the beautiful things in Chicago, one thing that particularly impressed me was the architecture.

I was taking a boat tour along the river in the city center and I was fascinated by the magnificent skyscrapers. These buildings, despite of different shapes and style, fit in with each other perfectly and artistically along the river with too much the dense.



The Clark Street in the middle was built in 1929 to span the river. You can find similar red bridges every five to six blocks and these traditional constructs flavor the city with classical style.



Another highlight of the trip was the cozy bike ride along the lake back to Stephanie’s apartment. Nothing too hustles. Just chilling on the bike, with good music and great view. The ride reminded me of some good old time in Boston last year.




The balanced mix of tranquility and robustness has made Chicago one of my favorite cities in the States. I was glad that I came at the right timing too. On my ride to airport, I was thinking about why the city is so underrated. There seems to be a missing piece. Perhaps this is also what makes life interesting, when we discover hidden beauty and pleasant surprise.

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