Dealer’s Choice: The Berkshire Room

This is a review of my favorite bar in the city so far.

The Berkshire Room is a craft cocktail lounge located at River North. The bar/lounge has a sort of speakeasy vibe to it. As you step foot into the lobby of the ACME Hotel, you will almost miss the entrance to the Berkshire Room if you don’t know where you are going. It’s hidden behind black curtains guarded by the maître d’.


After you show your ID, you’ll be greeted into the main room.


Main room of the Berkshire Room
Main room of the Berkshire Room


I would highly recommend snatching a seat at the bar instead of one of the tables because that’s where all the magic happens. The best part of the experience is to watch the skillful bartenders or mixologists if you want to call them that, make your drink. However, if you are with a big group of people, there are also more private areas on both sides of the room.


br bar view
view of the bar + bartender no. 1

As you look through the drinks menu, there are some signature cocktails and other regular offerings. However, I’ve opted for the more badass “Dealer’s Choice” every single time I’ve been there. From all the Yelp reviews I’ve read, it seems that almost all their customers order the Dealer’s Choice.

Dealer's Choice Menu Page
Dealer’s Choice Menu Page

Basically, with the Dealer’s Choice you get to choose 3 things:

  1. The type of alcohol you fancy: Gin, Vodka, Rum, Scotch etc. – they even have unusual choices, such as Sake (Japan) and Shochu (Korea)
  2. Your flavor profile: fruity, citrusy, spicy
  3. The glass you want it in: collins, champagne flute, margarita glass etc.

There are 600 combinations you can choose from, so I guarantee you’ll be back again for more! You can opt for the popular girl combo of Vodka + Fruity + Collins or be more adventurous and ask to be surprised. Either way, your drink will be well-crafted.

All you want to do after you put in your order is to stare at the bartenders while they make your drink. Like a magician, they reach for bottles, peel off fruit skins, and add in drops of flavorings, then tadaaa! your drink is ready 🙂

Bartender No. 1
Bartender No. 2

Every drink is made differently and it’s so much fun anticipating what your drink will be. I’ve really enjoyed all the drinks regardless of what combo I’ve chosen (and particularly liked the spicy one). The bartenders are friendly, well-mannered, and fun to talk to.

I would recommend this place for a casual catch up with girl friends, a date, or a bachelorette party (we’ve seen a few).

❤ with my co-worker
Picture with drinks! Thanks for introducing me to this place.
Picture with drinks! Thanks for introducing me to this place.

The Berkshire Room website:



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